Vending Machine Business Opportunities

Vending Machine Business Opportunities

You might have noticed why i posted about the vending machine business opportunities topic, it is because when i came to Vancouver, BC i was looking for an easy business in which you can manage your own hours.

 What i did was going to Kijiji and Craigslist Vancouver and type in the keywords :

and there were quite a few vendors who where trying to get out of the business.

Most of the sellers are moving out of the province, changing careers or simply wanted to capitalize on what they have built.  But quite a few of the route and locations i acquired where vendors who are about the retire and have been doing the business for more than 5 to 10 years!

Those are the accounts that are long established vending route business and a good source of income.

I was just very lucky that my first purchase of the Established Vending Route Business was an honest vendor.

I heard many horror stories when i was servicing some locations some guys working in that location approached me and told me that they used to run a vending business themselves too but was scammed by unscrupulous vendors who wanted to get rid of locations that are not performing very well.

I also got scammed by vendors who sold me some locations with machines.  Some of them will promise you that this location is around $500 per month in sales but in actuality is just around $50 to $60 per month

I have more posts on meeting with various kinds of people and various stories on my vending business services journey and adventure.  I’ll post some stories on customer, vendors and some cunning personalities of people that i have encountered in this business.  Stay Tuned!

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