Vending Machine Service Call

When you are doing your vending machine business, most of the time you cannot immediately answer your calls.

Most people do not understand the small business operating procedures.

Customers think that when you call the phone on the vending machine on location and expecting a pick up immediately to solve problems like chips or snacks getting stuck on the machine.

If im a customer I will certainly think that it is necessary that to have a great vending machine business service the vendor should answer the call immediately.

The vending operators here in lower mainland BC is mostly operated by a single person and sometimes if other family members are cooperating then a tango team is the most in running a vending machine business.

As vendors’, it is absolutely important to return calls as soon as you received them on your voicemail.

Since most of the time the vendors’ will be driving around town busy refilling the machines, parking, loading and unloading.

Unnecessary calls are very annoying for the vending operators.

In my vending machine business I was surprised I got call on my voicemail and its explicitly says Fxxk You and hanged up.

In this kind of business it is best just to ignore such calls.

These kinds of calls stems from people who do not understand the vendors’ situation.

The vending machine problem by a large proportion is coin jam.

A Brand new top of the line machine or a used machine has the same coin mechanism inside.

It is normally the coin mechanism that will first have the problems.

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It is always the same people who doesn’t know how to use a vending machine properly by inserting coins too fast will result annoying phone calls and coin jams.

I recently came back from a well-deserved vacation and as a regular self-employed person have to quickly service all the locations since in an absence of even just a week will entail a lot of problems.

Mind you as a self-employed person, if you take a week break vendors’ do not get paid.

The vending machine business operator is actually loosing money every day whenever you slack.

A week without sales can mean delayed bill payments or even a rental or mortgage behind payment.

It is true that if you own 100+ of vending machines it is a lot better than owing an extra townhouse and have it rented out, you will be making more money than buying a property for rentals.

Problem is just that your body’s energy and time is limited and whenever you are using it excessively and abusing it, it will eventually wear and tear as you may make an analogy to a commercial vehicle.

But if you are enjoying the vending machine business and think if it as a stress reliever then it is good for your body since at the start of unloading your dolly on the vehicle will start activating and increase your metabolism and bodily movement which is beneficial for your health.

It is only a matter of time that continuous manual work and mindless refilling of vending machines that will lead you to search what kind of small business that you can get into earning passively with minimum amount of work.

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Online business is the only answer if you want to have a genuinely passive form of income.

It requires a lot of work too since you need to connect with your prospective customer and a lot of SEO work in able to reach potential clients organically.

As a successful vending machine operator, do you need to continually expand into more locations ?

Yes, in this business all vending machine operator needs to continually accept new locations as they come along, as I have mentioned in many numerous articles that I wrote previously, sometimes without any reason for many many months there will be one or two locations that work against you.

As an insurance it is best to keep on accepting locations that are offered to you.

If you have some free time then there is no harm in soliciting a location which is in your area of vicinity of service.

Most of my locations are in downtown west side east side, which im most comfortable.

I mentioned before that I grow up in a very densely populated city and naturally im very used to the hustle and bustle of a big city.

To me there is more color in life when im in a big city and I grow with it and not run away when it is congested.

I thrive on congested cities.

What im driving at is that if you have locations are majority in Langley and surrey area then you have to expand in that location.

Because even if you hands are full house with maintaining lets say one hundred machines or even one hundred fifty machines then even one extra location within the vicinity will not hurt.

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If you lose one or two locations every year then it will even out on your added locations every year.

Eventually when running your vending machine business for the longest time then most of it will be in your area of interest.

The more locations you have the more problems that you will be encountering so you have to expect the nastiest that can happen to you.

?A F**ck You message on voicemail don’t mean a thing anymore with countless locations that you are servicing.

There will be always bad eggs.

In this vending machine business even if you want it to have it your way all the time, it is not possible.

Being flexible is the key to be successful as a small business self-employed person.

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