Harassed At Location To Pay Up

I was going about my rounds as usual here in Vancouver, BC.

I was in the east part of town and usually I have to be quick to get around. I always see many shattered bits of car windows on the side street whenever I park in the neighborhood.

Remember that I was already traumatized on the incident that was transpired in front of my townhouse.

I went to this hotel location in the east side and I was immediately harassed and was ordered not to leave the location without paying up on my monthly rent.

I normally give around $20 to $45 dollars per month on this location. But somehow the manager looked at me and the cash box every time to go there for servicing and just declared an increase to $65 per month.

This was a location that my vending machine vandalized before many times with a smaller machine which can easily be tilted. If the commission is increased again, I guess I have to vacate the location in the near future.

Everytime I visit this location which is a weekly gig for me, I’m forced to hand out cookies and free pop to the location. There was times that I voluntary gives out freebies but there was one incident that I said I have to go and was in a hurry, he just go took some goodies in my bin and say that this is cheap stuff and it won’t a difference if I he get a couple of these every week.

I mentioned that this place is not my turf. It is not my property and I’m just another vendor who services the machines in this location.

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I had so much worst experiences when I used to run my business in the Philippines. People entering and shouting on bad service and intimidating my employees on Ink Refill Leaking and all that stuff.

I used to run this brick and mortar business back In Philipines: Saveinks.com. Last year, I went back to Philippines for a vacation, and I have noticed that all the ink and toner refilling shops and centers went out of business. The reason behind this was: Epson, Canon and Brother printers came out with refillable printers.

I got one as a present from my big brother who is the authorized distributor of Brother printers in the Philippines, see picture below:

It took me a while to hook up this since I have to get hold of a voltage converter from 110v to 220v for my Brother Printer.

How to Calibrate a Royal Vision Bottle Drop Vending Machine

I have an out-of-order Royal Vision bottle drop at a location that has been selling extremely well and I have to clean sensors and calibrate the Royal Vision bottle drop from time to time.

Here is You Tube video on how to properly align and re calibrate the Royal Vision bottle drop vending machine.

I have to visit a nearby location that the Pop machine is having some problems and there is some burnt smell. I have thoroughly checked the pop machine and seems that everything is working. The location called and still smelled something is burning. I left a message saying to unplug the pop machine for the meantime.

I have to visit a recycling location which is not far. My locations are normally set on a route so that everything is easy access for me. Normally all locations are grouped together.

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Can you believe it or not, that this location which looks like very chaotic due its nature of business is out performing about Two ( 2 ) Vancouver downtown offices put together. See the Two ( 2 ) machines below that does not need to be fancy with bells and whistles.

I have to head out for my lunch. You see I’m always trying to be a vegan whenever I’m given the chance and opportunity to eat fresh greens.)

A midst the snow, I have to plow my way back to the streets.

As I have been mentioning that I have to go out no matter what each day except for Sundays on occasion to target my collection since there is ending in the bills.

It pays to being persistent, even if you get rejected at times in acquiring new vending locations.

I mentioned on my previous blog that there was a location in Richmond, BC that needed some space for shelving s and I had to remove the machine.

Out of my expectations, I got an email to move the healthy max machine to a public location that is serving hundreds of customers every day

.They require me to wrap the healthy max machine all black since it would be nice to blend in to the location. It took me around 2.5 hours to do the job, on wrapping it and also re stocking the machine on this new location.

This location will indeed be performing a lot better than the Richmond location which I lost early this year or just a month ago. I constantly try to find locations on my own and at the same time looking for deals from locators.

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It works out both ways when you are still acquiring locations.

Acquiring locations will always be an insurance policy for me. It will serve as a backup for me in case I loose one or two in which the sales will not be affected.

When I was heading home, I got some orders which was dropped off at the back of my garage. I installed a $1.99 mouse trap and finally my nemesis was caught.

I feel a little empathy towards a small creature trying to survive in the winter cold. Mice do feel pain just as humans do. But I have to take care of bigger things. Securing your business is of out most priority.

Here in Canada some mouse do carry the dreaded Hantavirus. So all pests must be exterminated to ensure healthy and safe environment.

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