Moving Out Moving In

When you are doing your vending machine business you need to have great customer service in order to stay afloat.

and never move out since everyone’s likes the idea of stability.

You always wanted to have a stable business especially if you have done all the moving and time consuming placement.? Providing great customer service at all times.

praying that customers are always happy
praying that customers are always happy

In my experience you always have to be a yes-man all the time.

Everyone wanted to stay in business no matter if the location is small or big.? Better treat everyone the same and the importance of servicing when a problem arises that needs attention.

In many years of servicing my customers.? I had some occasions that they are either closing down their business or moving.

I had some early experience that the location simply tells you they are moving out.? ?Machines needed to be move.

vendor moving to new customer location
vendor moving to new customer location

I had a location that i serviced it very well during the early days of my vending.? The management just tells me to remove the machine since they are moving out.

The said location had another vendor during that time and never consulted me. They have another vendor on the new location.

During this early days of vending i thought that this is a common practice here in North America.

So i had my head programmed not to feel bad if suddenly a location will tell you to move out.

So i’m not expecting anything anymore and what i do it just try my best to service all my locations.

customer likes you as a vendor

After that regrettable incident i myself is very surprised that my locations that im handling have no more problems.

Most of them actually when moving out to a new facility opt me as their vendor.

Today as usual when i was servicing my location, the person in charge told me that they are moving to a new location and i need to removed my machines.

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Inside my mind there were adrenalin racing thoughts that maybe this place will be another location to be taken out of my portfolio.

But when he continued to talk i was smiling as usual, he said that they are moving to newer facility and needed me to follow with them moved to new facility.

I guess if you treat your customers very nice and once you have been in the location for a long time and the location sees you that whenever a problem arises and you always take immediate action.

They would have more empathy toward their old vendor and would likely to follow them whenever they relocate.

always keep your composure

I just have a great composure all the time when i’m servicing all my locations and always listen to them if there are any concerns.

Doing the vending business here in Canada is very similar in contrast when i was still in the Philippines.

In the Philippines as the owner of the shop, you have to have great rapport with the management of the building.? Likewise always adhere to customer service since they will reflect to everyone even to the top management.

If there are problems like building renovations for a year and needs to be relocated first then the management will always consider the tenants with good relations as priority.

Conclusion :

In the vending machine business or whatever business you are in, you treat everyone the same small or big.

Resolve problems immediately because people do not want complaints.? Customer service is very important.

If you get a lot of complaints on service and machine problems too much then you will be moving out more often than moving in !

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