All Is Well On My Vending Machine Business

As usual tremendous energy is needed when you are operating your vending machine business. I try my best to visit all my locations’ and service them as usual.

There was this particular location that i visit on a monthly basis since the products hardly ever moves. When it was time to visit the location i was saying to my mind, is it worth the gasoline, parking, energy expend on loading and unloading your dolly to that monthly location?

I did not visit that monthly location since as i previously mentioned that this location is not in the usual vicinity and i have to have it coincides when im going to do my rounds in greater coquitlam.

The location eventually called me and incidentally i was going to coquitlam and visited the place and apologize and made amends to follow my schedule. I have made a conclusion that the place will be visited every 6 weeks instead of a monthly affair thing.

If you have some locations’ that are low performing. You can make an arrangement with the location for a certain duration so that the location will still keep you as a vendor and also not to waste time, gasoline and energy.

Thus, i have concluded the problem on visits on the location which i have mentioned above.

I got this second tremendously slow turtle paced location.

You know the feeling that there is always 1 or 2 locations’ that you really wanted to sell but nobody is willing to take it ? The location is actually factory but mostly are all 50 years old + and for some reason the people in that location doesn’t like to consume chips and chocolate bars.

You inherently know that there was always this particular person who absolutely abhor you the moment you step your foot in their turf. The one that is always complaining of expired product. The one who writes WTF on your products and your machines with sticky posts.

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I always go to this location once a month and there is hardly any sales. Since this location is in one area, so my visits is arranged with other locations’ nearby. They are a bunch in Richmond.

I wasn’t surprised when this location suddenly emailed me that they no longer needed my services. For the first time i felt very relieved since the whole time i was actually disgusted inside me to visit this location every time i go there. Most of the products just gets bad and expired.

In the early days when servicing this location i always have calls from the same person that the products are bad. I always get threatening calls that i will be replaced by another vendor.

You see as a vending machine business operator.

Sometimes your machine and your visits is a ticking time bomb.

Unlike my other locations’ which i treat them as my love affairs with strong affinity.

During the early days servicing this location i of course tried as a vendor to please everyone and always hand out freebies in their lunch room and chips that have gone bad for a few days.

This place was a consolation with a bunch of locations’ that was sold to me in the early days of my vending. This location had to be included with the sale of the Goliath locations’ which was bundled in Richmond.

As a vending machine business operator, it comes to mind that locations’ comes and goes.

Most of the locations’ will stay and have a bond with you as their vendor.

Just keep in mind that when you are expanding your vending machine business do not put all your eggs in one basket. What im driving at is that you have to have different locations’ in different cities.

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Do you sometimes feel that you do not belong when you are in a certain city when you are servicing the locations’ ?

I have noticed that this especially this week, most of my locations’ are quiet. There are a lot of customers that are on the well-deserved break from work.

But of course, there will be locations’ that are always evergreen and always busy no matter which month, week or day.

Vending business is always well as long as you serve your customers. Sometimes it will be a very hard decision to shell out commission to locations’ that doesn’t need it.

But if you really wanted to keep all your location no matter how small they are, it would be beneficial for a vendor to contribute even as low as 5 to 10 dollars per month for very small locations’ in order to keep some rapport with the management.

In this vending machine business it is just up to your energy really if you want to make it consistent and profitable. No movement no income.

Vending Machine business is always on the move to make it profitable. The longer the service time frame the less is your take home food on the table and will sometimes end up frustrated weekends that you cannot afford.

Stagnation will be your enemy in business, family and everyone around you. If you have too much movement on your vending machine business it will also be a disaster for burned out of energy and relationship problems when all your energy is exhausted.

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Living in a world-class city sometimes comes to my mind and everyone is it is really worth doing the daily tasks as if it was your last day at work ethic ?

Is it worth to keep up with the great diversity all around Vancouver ?

I observed a lot of businesses goes bust in an average span of 3 years.

There was this manager that was working like 15 to 20 years in the wholesale company in burnaby that passed away serving customers for the longest time that i can remember.

His passing was very regretful since he was only serving all vendors and very good work ethnic. So my previous question comes to my mind if it is worth doing this repetitive tasks as if it was your last day at work ?

For me my priorities is still being served, all is well for the time being.

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