Stagnant Prices On My Vending Machine

It’s been a while that i have not written a blog for the vending machine business.

I was very busy making it work out on my online business which is producing promising results and getting my fingers in constant motion and i found a new problem when sitting down on a desk for a long time.

Everyone around me is hearing a new lingo from me already and im mentioning all the time on squeeze and landing pages and conversion rates. Maybe im just getting more tech y now.

Surprisely there are people opt in on landing pages at 2am to 3am in the morning and producing sales online.

You would get a neck pain by straining too much on the computer screen, but this is a lot better than going out and sweating out on the road on an unending loading and unloading regiment and having to put up a show on everyone. But inherently im a nice person just wanted to get things done as soon as possible.

I will gladly make another website to help you that anyone can make a living on the digital world.

Image result for clickbank may small sales

I would like to help everyone which will be on my future blog posts.

It will not be a hyped up scammy money suction funnels. But you have to prepare yourself to go into the momentum in getting into studies again. This is no age discrimination and you can work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

It would be very good to delve and discover a business model that doesn’t require : physical products, machine maintenance, unending customer complaints and vending machine being moved because of various factors which i have mentioned on my other blogs.

But to summarize the factors that the vending machine business which might get affected then there are these reasons that comes into mind :

  • Location needs storage so your machine goes out, this is presumably subtle reason that the location wanted you out
  • Manager suddenly changed their mind on changing vendors without the thought that there are many costs involve in putting up a vending machine in the premises ( moving charges, refilling costs, loss of location investment )
  • A new competitor who promises with a flashy machine and promises to give out 40% commission which is to my mindset that this is just all fluff and hyped up just to get your location. After all if you are into sales then there is always competition
  • Renovations are far the main reason why you have to move your machine into a semi retirement situation

Do you think if you are a nice looking woman and doing vending machine for a living, would you encounter all the problems which i indicated above?

I have a location on downtown in a federal building which i held for a long time already. Finally the construction will be stopping soon on the major renovation that is being done on the next floor which is one floor up on my vending machines.

Behold my pop and snack vending machine and on the side is another combo machine which debit credit facilities and a newer model. My prices for the snack machine was stagnant and its impossible to change it.

The other machine beside me actually stopped selling chocolate bars for $1.25 a pieces because it is impossible to sustain the business. Yes of course my cost for a chocolate bar will be around $0.80 a piece but if you have to consider the time, gasoline and consider the vendor to have a decent profit to keep food on the table.

The standard price in the market now for chocolate bars is already $1.75 to $2.00 inside the vending machines, since vendors needed to make at least double the cost of the product,

Do you think that if you have since kind of scenario, will you keep the location or sell it ? What if it was your location that its impossible to change prices? Perhaps offer a variety and different kind of products?

Normally people like the traditional stuff honestly.

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2 for 1 Business Deal

Did i tell you that i have a bunch of locations in Annacis Island.

It is a group of factories mostly. The locations are not that great but it gives a consistent income for me.

I’m concentrated mostly in the Vancouver area which is my preference. It’s very obvious that everyone goes to downtown to work and it is understandable that there are tons of traffic and you don’t ever get tired even just by visiting different locations side by side or even an adjacent street.

Life is very colorful in downtown even there is unbearable traffic, it is just a matter of getting used to it actually.

I grew up in Makati City where the hustle and bustle can be compared to downtown Vancouver city.

Makati city has everything that you ask for. All kinds of fancy restaurants and fancy neighborhood.

I’m used to it and can’t possibly think of going to a rural or rustic place.

I always have a curious mind and likes to be in a very diverse area where there are tons of facets of life and different cultural backgrounds. I grew up with this kind of atmosphere where you get immune to what people portray you as an individual.

It is the beauty in a big city that you tend to have a certain emotional intelligence maturity.

Going back to the location at Annacis Island which i have been servicing for about 3 years already. It is a transport factory type of company and they open early and closes late since there are always large trucks moving in and out.

I held this account and im very happy since even if the snack or pop machines are empty people would just ring you and remind you to service it.

The people there are no frills and im very happy to serve this kind of location and similar locations that has the same treatment towards me.

Easy going, nice and dealing with the customer is very comfortable.

Sadly this location moved and had to go to Port Coquitlam which is out of my service area.

Outside Vancouver, Richmond, delta, burnaby and coquitlam will be very hard and difficult for me to provide outstanding service. I have to take care of customer complaints and sometimes need my immediate response especially if there are those annoying coin jams which is actually the fault of the customer who doesn’t know how to use a vending machine properly.

I have an acquaintance that resides in the vicinity of Coquitlam.

I was offering this location to him. The deal was to exchange locations which is good enough for me.

The vending guy has locations in burnaby and Richmond and sales was not performing. The 2 locations that he is servicing sales is equivalent to my single location which has moved to Port Coquitlam.

He offered me a hotel location in Burnaby and an office location in Richmond.

I told him that im kinda avoiding office locations since i have some problems with people in the offices for some reason. I never have any ill feelings with most people in offices but i lost some locations which i really don’t know the reason behind it.

For some reason too that i always have great rapport with public locations.

I have great success with companies that deals with a lot of people.

Seems to me that those companies have maybe developed a sense of emotional intelligence and not judgmental or biased towards new contractors or vendors.

Some office companies put too much strain and rules on a vendor. Secure a fab, come only on certain times of the week, report to front desk with signature and all that stuff. I understand this kind of procedures since i grew up in a similar neighborhood in the Philippines which is in Makati City where all the corporate offices are located. But in makati, it is easy for me to get around and when im conducting business before, everything was smooth and no frills.

And for the best part is in Makati City when you are conducting business, you be there permanent contractor or supplier as long as you deliver to their expectations.

I was doing the ink and toner business back in Philippines and i do it accordingly and in a professional manner and was doing as long as i can until when i moved here.

I think you get the picture without me elaborating more.

There goes my 2 for 1 deal in the vending machine business.

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A Big Plan Is On The Way

Seems that the days are getting longer now.

The temperature is getting warmer and hotter. Normally my chocolates are fine without the cooler. When it is hot the chocolates has to be in a cooler spot. It’s time for me to deploy my thermal bags to protect my chocolates.

During the earlier days of my vending i thought that here in the northern hemisphere it is always cold. Even if the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius it has the tendency to melt the chocolates especially during noon time towards 3ish in the afternoon.

For the vending machine business, when the climate is getting warmer some under performing locations takes off.

You will see movement on the pop and beverages.

Most of my weekly locations the consumption of the beverages are the same demand when it is winter, no kidding. When you secure strong locations, the weather doesn’t matter anymore. Sales will always be there summer or winter.

But of course summer is the best season for all kinds of beverages, normally your sales doubles. It is high time that you make sure that all your pop machines are 100% full and operating without any problems.

Summer beware too on your public locations.

A big plan in undertaking right now for the thieves. The days are getting longer. They are figuring out where to get extra money.

Normally this time the syndicate gang of thieves are getting ready for their operations. It was summer when my machines got visited almost every week and vandalized.

During summer i visit my machines located in the public more often to inspect if there are signs of attempted break ins.

I have noticed so many instances that my machine in hotels have so many dents on the sides.

This is the time also to make sure that if your machines are located in vulnerable areas be sure to get the high security covers and hasps installed.

Yes it is expensive to have them installed but it will secure your business and you can sleep better.

This is my personal experience on my machines which i have been running for a period of time already.

I have some machines also in another hotel which i have mentioned that the Plexiglas is always being shattered and destroyed. I have them all installed with heavy-duty wire mesh all around them which will be unbreakable.

Seems that the renovations and moving have stopped so far for my vending machine business. All is fine and stable for the moment.

A lot of companies right now are done on focusing on renovations and are moving on other priorities on my observation.

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How Was Your Day ?

My day started very good and it is a fine day.

The climate is getting warmer and it is very good for the vending machine business operators.

I was in the area where i go twice a week since the sales are always good.

There was this fine gentleman and whenever he sees me, he always takes out his hand.

Here comes my loot and freebies.  This person loves jujubes so much that he sometimes stop me on the tracks while on my way out.  Im already used these kinds of freeloaders and people who likes to seize a $1 free item each time he sees you.

Did i tell you that 3 years before when i was doing this vending business on this area.

Passersby constantly are asking for freebies and samples.  And always saying maybe this is my lucky day, you must be the person who gives out samples on this special day.

Sometimes i wish im a charitable organization and i don’t mind giving out freebies everyday as my job.

As a candy man, whenever you go to a location people as constantly expecting you to hand out something without the thought that you go shopping at Walmart or Costco and need to pay to the cashier.

This business is so easy that you can sell anything to anyone.

You don’t need to be convincing just to sell chips or pop to anyone.  You just need a vending machine and it will take care on all the work for you.  Everyone has at least $1 or $2 to spare for a snack.

Deep in my mind, the business that im into is not 100% healthy.  It is more of a convenience in case someone gets so hungry at least there is something to munch upon.

Have you seen the movie That Sugar Film ?  I know you will get my drift.

I myself born into a culture of healhy habits cannot even take out the chocolate or chips out of my system.

I have machines that was removed going to be relocated to a hotel location which has a tremendous potential but of course every risk that you are taking, you have to make sure that it is secured properly.

I have another machine that was taken out of the car delearship because the building was sold to a developer here in Richmond.  I had to have the machine exchanged to a all glass front refrigerated combo machine.

Luckily i found a location that is occupied by a coke machine and they have decided to be taken out in my favor since i comply the requirements of the manager.  They wanted water instead of pop and i have no problem abiding it.

So my vending machine with the car dealer in Richmond came out to be better performing after moving to a new location.

Communicating is essential if you wanted an ongoing business.

It is useless to feel bad and depressed if your machines are to be moved because of the mega renovations going around.  There will always be places that will be accomodating that you have rapport with the manager.

According to my experience, the places where you gain by yourself lasts forever.

I have been contemplating to get back a location that i missed so much.

It is in the works and will materialize in a couple of months…Do not forget that there are vendors who are willing to let go locations because of unforeseen circumstances.  Maybe emergency cash is needed for family purposes or cannot wait for the ROI of 2 years in waiting ?

By the way before i go, i had a call from a familiar guy who is working in a giant courier company and called me at night.  He just calls you at his convenience and there are some customers who will say that these are the problems.

Your snack machine doesn’t accept $5 dollar bills you should come immediately.  Your refrigerated glass front needs some Aloe Vera Juice which everyone is requesting and you should come immediately.

The pop machine at the other side of the building spits out money because there is no more nestea.

These kind of things everyone know are beyond any vendor’s control.

If there is a sudden demand and the product runs out before the vendor scheduled visit then it could be a reminder and not a command.

Im also happy that some customers like him tells you what kind of product that is needed in the machine, in order to boost sales.

But for most of the occasions.  When you are doing some work on a location.  People always bothers you and quickly mentions to put dark chocolate for instance.  But after several weeks it hardly moves.  Vendors should not always believe all your customers.  There are lots of instances that they are just pulling your leg.

Sometimes i just stick out a chocolate bar to have the person shut up.

This is the common issue that all vendors are facing.  People just interrupt you while you are busy counting in your mind.  The best reaction is just OK and fine and on my next visit are the best answer.

Then quickly leave.  You have to be immune to all kinds of comments and statements made to you to be on the safe side.

Yes my day was fine today.  What about yours ?

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Where is Ming ?

I have a vending business account in downtown and it is located in a federal building.

This is an account which I held for a long time already.

The building has around 1000 employees working there and my snack vending machine is located in the top floor and it also has access to a smoking area.

I’m very surprised that whenever I visit downtown there are a lot of smokers, it’s either the marijuana or the cigarette smokers and they always go in tandem.

I’m glad I already got rid of the bad habit which was extremely difficult for me.

Construction again.

I got a call from a lady and she told me that the lunch room will a construction zone and I have to remove the machine and I answered back. My machine will be going back after the renovation right? She didn’t say anything. So before the day that the construction will be commencing I visited the building and I mentioned the story to them.

The maintenance personnel and the security guard gladly offered me to place the snack machine within the building for temporary storage.

I think I would still have a fighting chance to do business since they agreed to let my machine left in the building.

Early part of the week I was doing my vending route and there was a call from a location in Richmond.

The location is not a great account but of course every little thing counts for me. To my surprise the guy on the phone was saying to remove the machine from the premises since they have sold the building for $20 Big ones.

Well of you are in Richmond city.

This place is like a boom town right now with majority of the populace coming from overseas bringing them with lots of money for investment and at the same time a new land of opportunity or perhaps a peaceful place for retirement for some.

I got to the location and I emptied the machine and the contents will be placed elsewhere over the weekend. I was talking to one of the employees if he is fine leaving this place. He told me that the business has sister locations and he will be transferred there. I was happy for him.

While I was leaving the location.

I asked again if they are still going to do business since the place was sold. He told me that he is partnering a sister company and it has a small vending machine. And continued to say that to quickly email him tonight and the new location might have space for a combo vending machine.

So maybe I was hoping that my money didn’t go down to waste.

Since I initially paid around $1,500 for this location to a locator about 1 to 2 years ago and until now have not recouped the investment that I have made.

While im writing this article.

I have already sent email to him that im offering a newer vending machine which is sleek and accepts debit credit card and is also all see thru glass refrigerated vending machine.

I hope a better tomorrow will follow suit.

I just have to communicate and do some follow-ups.

I also visited a location in east downtown during the early part of the day.

This location is always patrolled by cops and there seemed to have endless ambulance and fire truck whenever you are in the vicinity.

It is a haven on used personal items that is sold on the street. I got myself a big snack vending machine inside a pub bar and they normally open at noon time.

I was surprised that the snack machine is empty because I normally just visit the place once a month but most of the time it is still half empty.

Where is Ming ?

I also promised the bartender that I will be contributing $10 every month if the sales is good. I was looking for Ming ( the guys name ) and he was not around. I thought he had the luxury of visiting his home town in Hong Kong again. In my thoughts I wish I have the luxury of time sometimes.

As a vendor, I only spend around 20 minutes maximum in a location with 2 machines that is doing the checking, loading and refilling of products. I get bored and impatient if I’d stay more than 45 minutes on a location. I just wanted to finish my job and would avoid distracting people with my dolly and all that stuff with me.

I remembered when I approached this location and there was Ming, he was a nice gentleman and he even assisted me in moving the snack machine and connect it to the outlet.

During my 1st month of operation I took out only a handful and it was under $20 for 2 weeks which is minuscule considering the time and effort that you have to put up with and pay the parking and everything.

I offered him 10% of the sales which is $2 but I was thinking it was too small and offered to him $5 instead and Ming told me to keep to money to myself.

He told me to give him on the next few months when the business picks up. He is an extremely gentle and nice person. I know he has difficulty in communicating with English which I perfectly understand. If you grow up in Hong Kong or anywhere in southeast Asia with the exception of Philippines and Singapore.

If you put yourself in his shoes where you only know how to speak English. Migrated to Indonesia or Thailand perhaps and found a work. I think you’d get the picture.

My acquaintance with Ming was very brief and quick introduction since I mentioned that vendors should be lightning quick and moving all the time.

I met the elegant lady landlord next door who owns the building and she mentioned that it happened 2 days ago.

Ming was stabbed and he apparently didn’t survive the wounds. She even told me it was headline news. I checked it myself when I got home and indeed the crime was news.

Sometimes im out of touch with reality and what is happening because im so immersed with learning all the online lessons that I can learn whenever I have some free time.

My passion is learning all the time in everything really.

I’d imagine if I would ever have Alzheimer’s disease !

The point that I am driving at is everyone is trying to make a buck. And forgot to treasure the quality life that is supposed to be deserving.

Everything has to be in balance.

I didn’t know the details what sparked the fight between Ming and the person which lead to his death.

But in everything that we do, sometimes we have so many convictions to your own belief so much that sometimes you ignite a rage towards another person and would result into violence which has to be avoided at all costs.

It is just like my journey in my self employment business. You have to go with the flow.

At times when you tried your best in offering proposals and email presentation.

Calling prospective customers who inquired earlier that you had some hope in obtaining another vending location.

But they never replied or called back anymore.

Sometimes there are 1 or 2 locations that you held so long and suddenly doing a mega renovation and you got to move your machine into a temporary retirement situation.

In my longest time in business. Not everything is in my favor. Not every time is in my favor.

There are victories such as obtaining a location myself or spending $1,500 for a location that goes sour after 1 year and loosing that hard-earned money.

In my line of self employment of work. I always have to keep a cool head and be a yes-man all the time. One wrong move, out your machine.

I’ll tell you a story. I had a location in west Broadway in a nice company and they are mostly doing graphical work. I was so confident that the facilities’ manager is on my side. I was serving them for like 2 years and I have paid the location with machines for about $10,000 that time. I normally go there early weekend as not to disturb people working there.

There is always a guard dog when im around doing my work and constantly barking. I tried not to speak and keep calm and there was an instance while working on a Saturday. While a was hurrying up my work suddenly a large dog appeared near me and barking very loud at me.

So I got very clam and doing nothing. The handler came and told me that everything is taken care of. I was raging inside and was angrily staring at her. But after the few seconds of angry stare at her, I was calm and didn’t speak and left the premises.

To my surprise I got an email saying that the machines have to be removed immediately.

I just don’t get it what the people are thinking in that location.

It seems to me that offices and companies with lots of people have constant complaints, rules and regulations.

It seems that they wanted to get a piece of me and eventually wanted a mutiny.

Sometimes I don’t know how to act anymore. Sometimes you wonder if doing business has to do anything with your persona. I wish I can change personas at will.

Is it because my entrepreneurial spirit is too strong that sometimes people get disgusted and wanted you OUT ?

It seems that a location works out very well if I secure it myself and performs poorly when it is secured by paying someone else to find a location.
I guess the locations that are always available are the ones that are very hard to deal with. I sincerely hope that everyone knows how hard it is for a vendor to shell out $150 for a move, $1,500 for a leftover or undesirable location which are constantly changing hands.

The grind continues.

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Empty Pop Cans Was Stolen On My Vending Machine

It was last week Sunday.

Sunday was usually reserved for my continuing studies at home. It was also utilized for a small family get together day. Good thing that we already watched Ready Player One the week prior.

I thought I’m going to get another unhappy customer on an unregistered number to do with my vending machines.

I got a call from one of my hotel locations. Any hotel locations is very unsettling since if you visit the location you don’t know if the machine was vandalized or not.

The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be in a rush and wanted to get things done.

He says that the pop are all empty on a commanding tone.

I just told myself oh well these things have to be done as soon as possible so as not to lose a location. If you keep on delaying service calls you might as well put your location aside as a ticking bomb as I have mentioned on my previous posts.

I arrived at the location and visited all the floors on the vending machines. Most of the machines are still good. I went the last machine which is located in the middle floor and I was surprised why the empty cans which was displayed on the combo vending machine was stolen.

I actually emptied the several pop cans so that I can display a dummy can to represent the products inside the vending machine and yet it was still stolen.

close up empty cans

How can anyone be so desperate to get the empty cans?

Maybe sell it for 0.20 cents extra on his pocket ? Does 0.20 cents count a lot these days?

Imagine on a busy hotel located in a nice high traffic location.

Whenever I visit this location I wanted to upgrade my combo vending machines to a nice see thru glass vending machine but have to save enough $$$ money maybe sometime next year.

These are the machine that i have in mind.  But i have to buy and secure (3) of them and make sure that there are secured properly.

 These machines costs around $5,000+ brand new.  Since i’m a veteran in vending, i normally collect used ones for $2,500 a piece.  You just have to be patient and wait it out.

This is the same sentence repeatedly uttered inside my mind every time I service this hotel location.

That Sunday I had to go to Vancouver, BC downtown too after servicing this hotel location in Coquitlam.

I also got an angry call from a hotel manager too here in vancouver, bc downtown.  He told me that the snack machine is empty.

People are banging the machine.  They say there is no Oh Henry bars.

Does this snack machine looks empty to you?


I really never worked regularly on Sundays but it is a rare occurrence. The reason is there was some filming in downtown on Saturday and I have to turn back my van and come back on Sunday to finish my job. Spare cash in my wallet doesn’t hurt even just going for a short trip and fishing a bag of extra coins.

Sometimes when you are parked on the street you would ask a question if it is truly safe to park between two police patrol cars. Is this spot the safest or dangerous place to park at that moment of time ?

Im glad that my Sunday affair is a job well done.

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Buyer Wants Refund After A Route Is Sold

I had a great location which is located in Granville St in Vancouver, BC.

There are numerous hotels there and i had one of the good ones.

It contains around 1 combo machine per floor, totaling 6 combo machines.

The location was managed by a previous owner which i got hold of it. The previous owner promised me that the sales were around a certain figure per month. To me it almost hit the mark but was desperately trying.

I did call the previous owner after a couple of months and told him that it was not performing as promised.

In this vending business nothing is certain. The sales from the previous owner is always different from the new owner.

According to my experience there are some locations were my sales quadrupled. There are some locations were the sales dropped and rarely some that will kick you out !

Being your own boss is at times risky and most of the time very rewarding if you are very sincere in making everyone happy !

So back to my story in this great hotel with 6 machines. I was holding it for the longest time and i was considering keeping it forever.

But there was an opportunity came. My trusty vending locator emailed me and mentioned that she was securing a great route that is also located in downtown and all with agreements.

The price was sky-high and i honestly could not afford it.

I have a small townhouse and had it second mortgaged and borrowed some money.

To make the purchase complete i have to sell the hotel location with 6 machines. Luckily there was a buyer and i was able to sell it for cash.

So in that instance i was able to purchase the big route from my trusty vendor locator and left with a balance to be paid after a year. She trusted me so much because i was a very good customer from the beginning when i first step my foot here in Vancouver, BC. And was investing at every opportunity that came along from her.

We had a mutual understanding and i guess she knows my situation.

The Hotel location that was sold to the buyer was brief and i handed the keys immediately and since he told me that he was an experienced vendor then i don’t need to train him to operate the machines.

After 1 week i suddenly got a call from the buyer saying why the motors inside in 1 of the combo machines have problems.

I immediately told him that it will be replaced. And also 1 combo machine in one of the floors has been constantly tripping the circuit breaker.

I immediately called my trusty technician to call him and fix the problems.

After another week passed, my technician called me and said that the buyer never called him to meet him on the location to fix the machines.

Then suddenly i was surprised that there was demand letter from this lawyer that i need to give back the money to him because he suffered minor setback on damages like loss of sales on 1 of the combo machines that was tripping the breaker.

So i was very fast to act on this matter and replied that i will pay for the 1-month loss on 1 combo machine on which the compressor was replaced. I deposited the money to his bank account and didn’t hear from him for many months.

I was relieved that the deal was a success and last week i called him via phone.

I asked him how is the 6 machines doing in the hotel. He told me that it was doing very good and i was very happy at the back of my mind.

I told him that i will be buying back the 6 machines in the Hotel maybe late this year or early next year. Since coming up with substantial money is hard to come by.

To my surprise i got another letter from the same lawyer and demanding that time is of essence. And i need to produce the money to pay the buyer.

After several days i was not able to hear anything again from the buyer.

I was contemplating not to buy back the location from him again, because of such treatment toward me.

If it was you, what will you do? What will be your actions ?

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I Took Over Where Coke Left Off

I was doing vending for quite a while now.

I have a location that i visit once a month because since it is far from my regular area of service.

The location is not that great in terms of sales but there is no agreement of commission. The administration is great to talk too and always communicate which is integral to any business. If there is a deterioration of communication then business relationship surely will go spiraling downhill.

I remember when a vendor sold me this account within a vending route there was a pop machine and it is managed by Coke.

The location is a factory which around 50 employees and most of them are within 30s to 40s age bracket.

I called Coke because i have an account with them and asked for Coke’s permission if i can service it for them.

Coke replied a few years back that it is their account and i’m not allowed to touch it.

Of course i respect their decision. In my mind i just wanted to help out as a third party vendor.

Sometimes it is best to keep smaller locations where the giants leave.

In business there are so many strategies. If you wanted to survive and normally as a veteran vendor you wanted to secure big accounts.

Most of the time everyone likes to go for the big pie. Everyone comes out and tries to sweet talk the facilities’ manager of the company.

During my younger years when i was starting out as a wholesale salesman selling computer motherboards back in the Philippines.

I have to coax and talk to the owners every other day. I didn’t have any office at that time.

I was only 25 years old during that time and i imported some computer motherboard brand called Informtech from Hong Kong.

It can rival Asus Motherboard at that time.

Asus was still in its infancy stage when i was pushing all product lines of Informtech Computer Motherboards.

I got 100 pieces of them and i hired no one its just me ! I actually was very focused and i didn’t care so much about the big giants out there selling numerous famous brands under their belt. I was just selling 1 kind of product to the computer stores in the shopping mall.

I was not that articulate. I don’t have sexy looking promo girls or models as what they do in the Philippines in selling products to store owners.

The only break i got was 2 small computer stores and they absorbed my 100 pieces of Informtech Motherboards. I needed to celebrate that time.

This is an analogy that you just have to very focused on what you are doing. Sometimes you go to smaller locations and offer your services where the giants would think it is a small change for them.

Every small step goes a long way. Customers will always appreciate what you do. It is always the customer that you have to service accordingly.

Most vendors who have been doing this for a while normally have some spare machines at the storage. It would be wise to deploy your extra machines to avoid storage charges.

But if a location is zero potential then like 5 employees and around 50s then of course it is obvious where you should put your extra pop machine.

Installation of Pop Machine.


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New Location New Hope Or Another Ticking Time Bomb ?

Well i was very lucky enough that a building was constructed.  I was lucky that i have some rapport with the manager.

The manager was assigned on the other building which i got acquainted before.

Everything was very smooth.  I tried to ask if the new location needed a new vending machine a week back when i visit the new location in Vancouver.

I normally get very persistent if i inherently knew that the location will be performing beyond my expectations.

I have been eyeing this location since late last year when it was newly constructed.

Im very happy that the manager allowed me to place a vending machine.

The manager even asked the tenants on what they wanted and i got an immediate feedback and good thing i was able to setup the new machine quickly.

If you are awarded a new location which you like, you have to move fast.  Because sometimes people change their minds and you don’t want that to happen right ?

I was contemplating that this new location will be another rock star.

A weekly gig for me together with the other locations within the vicinity.  I called this area my golden triangle whenever im in that area.

When you are a vendor you are always giving service to customers.  It would be a good advice not to make any comparisons to other locations located in the west end or if you are in the east side.

For a true vendor that offers good service to its clients, there should be no distinction on one’s perspective if your are dealing with a lawyer or to a regular working guy.

Of course the tone of your language and approach if you are in the west end.  Any maybe another persona if you are in the east side of town.  But you absolutely have to be very flexible in everything.

Lots of times you always have to be very careful on words and actions to anyone.  As a person doing business for the the longest time as self employed.

One should not be sensitive to anything or around with anyone.  But be sensitive to the needs of the customer.

You have to acquire a certain emotional IQ when you are dealing with lots of people on the street and within the vicinity on where the vending machines are located.

The location doesn’t even have a little influence on my well being.  Running your business as a flexible person is the key to sustaining your vending location.

A new location will always be a new hope for me.

Treat it well in the beginning and it will last you for many years to come.  It would not be a ticking time bomb if you are always being flexible.

Give some treats from here and there and not getting annoyed from people wanting freebies all the time.

This is a far contrast when i was still in the Philippines when i was selling high tech items, no one ever requests for freebies.

But i encountered one person who wanted defective CPU Chips before when i was in the Philippines.

Because it contains gold inside the chips which he can sell.

The defective CPU Chips are always swapped out by my suppliers in Hong Kong during that memorable experience.

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My Storage Was Robbed Of Pop

My blue Monday.

It is the first day of the week and i have to kick start everything into working momentum again. Sometimes it is extra tiring to work on Mondays when you are accustomed to being laid back on a weekend.

I headed towards downtown were most of my business is located.

I was surprised that one of my locations had some missing pop at the bottom of my combo machine.

I use the bottom of my combo machine which is a LCM4 as a storage for pop. I visit the location every week and they like to gulp a lot of pop.

It is my first time that someone had the time to lie down underneath the machine and spend time. Trying to figure out how to break in the machine.

Instead i found out that the screen underneath the machine is ripped off.

And all the pop that i placed there for temporary storage are all gone.

I couldn’t believe that some people have to spend so much time to figure out ways on vending machines.

Would you be better off in spending your time in learning new skills instead ? Maybe make your time more productive ?

Today i have to learn yet another lesson from many years of doing the vending business.

I should never even leave anything under the pop machine since people are trying to get anything that is free. Will even go to a point in destroying your combo machine just to have some freebies.

In the vending business sometimes you think you know it all after a few months.

This is not the case since all locations are different and there is a learning curve. Even if the business is very simple there is still some things to learn the ropes properly.

I have been servicing this location for the longest time already. This location has been very good. This place is a weekly gig for me.

I have learned that you should not be too comfortable on any location. There will still be some unforeseen problem no matter how minuscule it is.

For the pop that were gone, i didn’t even complain to the management anymore. I’m used to these kinds of incidents. The more problems that goes to the management your stay in that location will be a ticking time bomb.

According to my experience such problems will be kept to yourself.

Loosing a few dollars is negligible than losing the location due to complaints from both vendor and customers.

The way to look at your business is a long term approach.

I went to another public location of mine today and i have around 4 machines in that hotel. The machines are converted into cashless meaning that they can only accept debit and credit card.

Even if they are cashless the machines are still being vandalized.

At first i was very eager and go fix it immediately. But even thou i always fix it, it’s always gets broken into. I just left some empty pop cans on the machines. I hope this time they will not steal the empty pop cans.

Here are the pictures to show it to you.

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