11 Advantages why a vending machine is needed in office

11 Advantages why a vending machine is needed in office

vending machine inside a lunch room in downtown

What are the likely advantages of having a vending machine at the office?

Answer: The benefits are multi fold. Research proves that having a vending machine at the office helps boost employee satisfaction as they feel the company is sensitive to their best interests.

Studies further prove that eating every few hours can help increase the rate of metabolism and hence promotes more energy.

Consequently, employees can work with renewed spirits after a quick go-and-grab munchies break.

I have vending machines in offices where there is a high productivity work done especially in downtown where most of the work are done on the desk.

I used to have a semi office job type scenario and will likely not leave the office if there is a vending machines inside the premises since I do not have to go out and come back and slack off from some of my tasks that needs to be done if I’m inside the office.

What about the maintenance cost of such machines?

Answer: Vending machines are extremely low on maintenance cost.

They require a key or a code to open and you can pick up your favorite item on the list. Also, vending machine operators provide repairmen for fixing intricacies in the machine. A vending machine provides slots for various kinds of snacks items to choose from.

When you are running your vending machine business, it would be a good decision if the machines that you will be acquiring are the newer ones that could provide virtually free from maintenance for at least about 5 years worry free.

What kind of snacks items are generally put up in a vending machine?

Answer: Generally, items like tea, coffee, chocolate bars, candies, crisps, sugary drinks and biscuit items are available on a vending machine.

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However, companies can promote health awareness among their employees by adding delicious as well as nutritious foods items. This way, it will lower their consumption of food with too much saturated fat.

A balance can also be struck by including both healthy food items like health drinks, nuts and almond biscuits as well as crunchy carb items like chocolates and chips.

With the advent towards healthier alternatives, than it would be wise to offer healthier choices such as :

  • Cliff Bar
  • Granola
  • Vitamin Water
  • Cookies
  • Baked Chips

healthy snack alternatives

Does vending machine lead to better job productivity?

Answer: Of course so. Having to go off-site to buy snacks and drinks every time one feels hungry can prove to be tiresome. Having a vending machine comes in handy and saves employees? time and energy to focus on their work.

Instead of going down outside the office and spend time outside could lead to unproductively at work and this might be contagious to the rest of the employees.

It would surely be worthwhile if there is a vending machines inside the premises to avoid employees spending time off-site and this might be a contagious habit and will eventually lead a lot of the employees to go out of the office on longer periods of time. This would result into unproductively habits.

Does it lead to better bonding among colleagues as well?

Answer: The vicinity of the vending machine also serves as a hot spot for colleagues on a break to have a quick chat and promotes greater bonding among them.

Yes if the employees could sit together more often with a presence of a vending machine than it could spark some conversations that would lead into more collaboration in work and probably share and help solve some problems with colleagues.

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This would be the analogy in high school canteens, students who are frequent in having breaks in the cafeteria will form long-lasting relationships on school work, friendship and camaraderie.

This will ensure discussions and at times brainstorming of ideas when there is a congregation of people in a common area where they normally snack.

If there were no such common areas for snacking than the people would distance themselves and will just work and will have no room for social interaction.

greater bonding of employees inside a lunch room with a vending machine

A vending machine can make a difference in a workplace, where people meet and would definitely result into beneficial interactions.

How else can they prove beneficial for the office?

Answer: They are also a time saver when it comes to early morning office meetings. Rather than getting tea for a bunch of people from a nearby tea stall it would be convenient to have a tea vending machine installed at the office.

But doesn?t having a vending machine to run to any moment cause a distraction at work?

Answer: One may argue that way, but usually the pros are better. Having to run down the staircase to the hall to grab your snacking item is better than running all the way to the grocery store especially when one has a lot of work pending.

Can there be better alternatives to a vending machine?

It is always desirable to have a vending machine at hand as during times of sickness and fatigue, or after a long day at work, one may not feel in the best of spirits to go all the way to a local store to buy food and may compromise on appetite needs, which in the future can cause serious health issues.

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Low Overhead

There is virtually no staff requirements as compared to running a canteen. Installing a few vending machines at can provide : Coffee, Tea, Snacks at can satisfy office staff cravings in afternoons or after a meal.

Healthy Options

When you think about vending machine it comes to mind that everything is junk food. This is not always true if you are offering healthy options such as : Baked Chips, Dark Chocolate, Cliff Protein Bars and Granola.

Most of my locations offers 50% healthy and 50% traditional snacks, since not all staff wanted 100% healthy stuff. This will cover all the snacking requirements for everyone.

healthy options vending machine

The vending machine in one of my locations at a school facility above offers both healthy and traditional snacks for the consumers.

Keep Everyone Onsite

I have mentioned above that if you have a vending machines inside the premises than it would drastically reduce the employees venturing outside the building. This would greatly maintain the mindset and focus on work and not having the mind wandering away.

If there are no vending machines inside the office than most employees will just go out and in the future this will lead into most people going out of the office which is contagious and no employer wanted to see this from happening.

It would really be convenient to have a vending machines inside the premises.

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